With the goal of expanding cooperation in pig production in the direction of applying modern livestock technology in the farm system of Mavin Group, in May 2022 Mavinex Joint Stock Company (Mavinex) together with a partner in Quang Tri construction and installation of equipment for the project of raising 12,000 high-tech pigs.
The project synchronously applies the most advanced technologies in animal husbandry such as: Closed cage ventilation system, automatic feeding and silo system, improved feeder system, etc. to produce products. The best commercial pork for the value chain “From Farm to Table” of Mavin Group.
The project is one of the bright spots on the model of harmonious combination between husbandry purposes and natural energy exploitation purposes Wind power, Electricity from wind turbine systems for non-commercial purposes will be used. to provide electricity for the entire operating system of the farm, thereby ensuring a stable and environmentally friendly energy supply.
In the coming time, Mavinex will continue to accompany its partners in supplying, setting up to put into operation large and modern livestock projects such as: Project 2,500 sows in Dak Nong; Project of 5,000 sows in Dak Lak; The project of 24,000 pigs in KonTum… thereby bringing added values ​​to customers as well as towards sustainable husbandry in the value chain ecosystem of Mavin Group!