On July 20, 2020, Mavinex launched 11 round fish farming cages with Norwegian technology and handed them over to Mavin’s Aquaculture Center for Export at Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir.

Advantages of HDPE round cage:

👉 High durability: alarm_clock: over 50 years.

👉 Large stocking volume, fast growing fish.

Take advantage of available water surface: large dams lakes.

👉 Easy to scale in the direction of industry.

👉 Easy and convenient in management and care.

Mavin Group is one of the pioneer companies in Vietnam applying the technology of raising tilapia by HDPE round cage on a large scale, methodically and professionally. This round cage system is manufactured by Mavinex using HDPE material with a volume of 2,000 m3 each, connected to each other and with anchors, withstands wind storms at level 12, with a capacity of up to 50 tons of fish per cage. /service.

This technology allows farming in offshore waters where the water environment is clean, thus limiting the risk of pollution and disease; control food safety quality; avoid conflicts with other interests such as water transportation and tourism in turbulent bays. The cage system is lined with mesh for convenient cleaning and care, this net is cleaned once a week to ensure the removal of algae and plaque.

From 3 cages at the end of 2018, Mavinex is currently installing more than 50 cages for Mavin Aquatic Center in Hoa Binh to meet the needs of orders, even orders from abroad. outside. In the plan, Mavin Group will invest in 100 Norwegian round cages in Hoa Binh Lake, and will deploy a similar model with reservoirs in Tuyen Quang, Son La.